If you are looking for something new and inspiring to do, that will benefit you in your personal development , Lomi Lomi Nui massage course is just for you.

Benefits for you:

  • you will learn to read you own body,
  • develop further your intuition,
  • recognize your emotions,
  • eliminate stress and tension,
  • you will become more aware of your body needs,
  • you will feel rejuvenated and lively.

Apart from this you will also gain the knowlege and skills to help others.

I guarantee small groups, comfort and acceptance, as well as confidentiality.

I teach how to perform each move corectly, make sure that massage is carried our properly from start to end. Very important is intention, breathing, positioning of the body and awareness of what you are doing, and that is what I will teach you at the course.

You will also learn about Huna tradition, working with Nature forces, basics of hand and foot reflexology, face massage. I will introduce you to the subject of chakra system and colour , also to the Hawaiian maditation and breathing techniques. In the advanced course of the Lomi Lomi Nui massage you will be able to learn the head massage according to the teachings of hawaiian Kahunas.

There are:
First degree course – basic, lasts four weekends,
Second degree course – advanced, lasts also four weekends.
For more info or any questions please contact me via email or phone,
waiting to hear from you,
Ania Lomi