About me

I love what I do – with passion and devotion. I am a woman aware of my assets.

Our life is all about making choices. Since my childhood I wanted to help people and my dream came true. In October 2003 my life became unbearable and I didn’t know what to do. Discovering Radical Forgiveness changed my life, helped me get through difficult times. I became fully aware of what was happening inside of me and around me. I reminded myself about my dreams and started to make them my reality.

Three months later I went to have a massage called Lomi Lomi Nui massage. During the massage I felt that I should learn this technique. And it happened…The four months in Hawaii, being taught by the great Kahuna Pai’niu, gave me the most incredible experience. It gave me the power and strength to help myself, and later, others. Kahuna Pai’niu called me Ania Lomi and I let it stay like this…
Since my time in Hawaii I have taken part in many courses: bio-energy therapy, numerology, reiki, Angel cards, Radical Forgiveness. I am still learning and improving but also sharing my knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love with you.

I also work with a crystal pendulum, a little object attached to a thread or chain – a tool that is effective in removing blocks of all types from auric field,alleviating energy imbalances and in karmic clearing.
If you feel you may need my help, please,don’t hesitate in contacting me. I am a kind and honest person, you can count on a full and definite answer. I’ll be delighted to see you,
Ania Lomi