Angels workshop

”Where you are , doesn’t define what you are. You are something more and you can indefinitely more” Mike Dooley

Lately we observe increased interest in the angel subject. Ordinary people talk openly about how angels have helped them, stories of angelic interventions and inspirational work are everywhere. Why are so many people inviting angels into their lives?

In astrological terms we are currently making transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, a time of big changes and responsibility. Working with angels offers people the opportunity to develop wisdom, strengthen self-understanding and overcome obstacles. When we invite angels into our lives, we evolve spiritually by reuniting Heaven and Earth within.

The term ”angel” comes from ancient Greek meaning ”messenger”, but in ancient Egipt it meant ”light, divine light”. Therefore angels are God’s messengers , they act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, serving as a channel between God and the physical, material world.

Angel cards are an excellent way to communicate with angels. I read and interpret Angel cards, messages received are always full of love, understanding and support. There is no criticism, mockery, ambiguity. Angels are giving us advise and guideline about our lives, showing us way of resolving problems, what is good to us. I have always been able to receive Theirs advice, and decided one day to share it with everyone who needs it.

A session lasts one hour, as it is work on an energetical level. I offer you my knowledge, intuition and the gift on sensing what is invisible to the physical world…