Dreams manifestation

Attending dreams manifestation workshop you will answer question such as: what do I want, what I desire and do I really need what I long for. The key here is to realise our own dreams and longings and where do they come from, whether it is just a basic intention or a true yearning for a fulfillment, sense and purpose.

Working with worksheets you will be able answer yourself to many vital questions. You will work with:

  • The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
  • The Money Consciousness Worksheet
  • Relationships Questionnaire

Filling in those worksheets will present you with answers what is important to you. All these methods were developed to help you to experience Abundance of any kind, which is a natural state in the Universe.

Colin Tipping is a brithish author who created Radical Forgiveness, a strategy that empowers people to use the Law of Attraction to create the things and situation that we desire to have in our lives.

During the workshop we will get to know the basic guidelines of Radical Forgivness, we will talk and listen, solve various tasks, fill in the worksheets and create positive affirmations. Workshops are lead by me,a certified personal development coach by Colin Tipping’s method called Radical Forgiveness. I am creative woman, full of vitality and good energy. I am a lucky lady! Radical Forgiveness became a way to discovery the real Me.

Come along to discover the real You.

Take part in the workshop,